About Us

Luxury for Those You Love
Our origin

Founder Mike McGregor conceptualized Janesi Comfort when his late wife and high school sweetheart, Jo, was diagnosed and hospitalized with an accelerated liver condition. While awaiting transplant surgery, she was issued a standard gown that met institutional budgets and physician accessibility but ignored her humanity.

While fighting to recover, she was forced to abandon comfort, dignity and personal identity. The items that came into direct contact with her skin that could have been a shield were instead sterile and impersonal during a time when she needed comfort and support the most.  Mike created Janesi Comfort to solve this pain point for others.


Our Environmental Promise.
In this increasingly fraught world, we seek  order and well being. The entire ethos of our company is to make our world better.

When we began we focused on the patient and making their experience better.

We didn’t want our product, production, or materials to come at the expense of the environment. Our goal was to provide total comfort with minimal environmental impact. We had to look outside of industry standards, and dive deeper into independent environmental organizations, certifications, and processes.

Our Fabrics. We chose sustainable methods for our fabrics without compromising look and feel. Our gowns are made with an award winning sustainable fabric called Tencel™.

We chose a mindful plant based fiber to make our gowns. This unique fabric utilizes a closed-loop water saving manufacturing process. It requires 20x less water than cotton.

  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – BioPreferred® designation as a certified bio based product.
  • In Europe, it is certified by the Belgian-based  company Vinçotte. Tencel™ has also won awards for products and services that have a significantly lower environmental lifecycle impact (EU Ecolable).
  • The European Award “The Technology Award for Sustainable Development (2002)” for its water saving "closed loop" process.

Tencel™ benefits extend beyond environmental production, delivering rich comfort and plush softness that keep the wearer in mind.

The fiber is anti-microbial fiber with heat and odor-regulating properties. The extremely clean fiber, is unfavorable for bacterial growth and ideal for hospital environments. It’s gentle on the skin, offers enhanced breathability and moisture management, and boasts a luxurious softness that lasts well beyond the first wash.

Our Ethos

Naming the brand Janesi Comfort, a blend of Jo’s name and “anesi” the Greek word for comfort is a constant reminder of our origin story and our core values.

Janesi Comfort is for those that seek to improve the quality of life for their loved ones.

We bring the beauty of life and luxury into the hospital. It is for those that want to make a difference.

Our Approach

How can we maximize comfort without compromising practicality?

At Janesi Comfort, we put together the best fashion designers with the most innovative health care providers so style and function work in tandem.

We work directly with our hospital partner to ensure our products follow their standards and facilitate medical attention and access.

We do this all while keeping patient well-being at the forefront; creating silhouettes that complement the figure, create versatility, enhance comfort and add a touch of elegance to the hospital setting.

Our patient-first products are crafted so your loved one can put their best foot forward during and after treatment.

Our Materials

How can we create innovations that keep our products patient focused while also nurturing the environment?

We partner with ethical factories that follow eco-standards and pay their workers a living wage.

Our production and packaging is virgin plastic-free. All of our packaging is biodegradable and delivered using a carbon-neutral shipping company – closing the loop.